Bridal classes

“Being a woman, I naturally began to have a liking for grooming. Ever since I stepped out of the home to live on my own, I have been looking to enrol in make-up and grooming courses but the fees were very expensive and I could not afford it.

“My friend suggested I apply to Pusat Latihan Rakyat Kasih (PLRK) and the rest is history,” she said.  


Tailoring classes

The Kasih Skills Training Centre provides training in areas where income can be generated by single parents and school leavers/dropouts. With the need to educate the endless number of low income parents and school dropouts, PKK has started the Centre with tailoring classes and is working on other courses as well. Through this project, PKK aims to help families generate income from skills learnt, so that they can live with hope, attain self-sufficiency and improve their living conditions.


Computer classes

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